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Styles We Offer

These are the styles we tattoo most frequently but we are not limited to those listed here!

American Traditional

Includes bold lines and saturated color with a minimal selection of colors. Due to these attributes and when applied well, traditional tattoos age well through the decades. Under these parameters, any image can be made into a traditional tattoo. 



Black and Grey Realism

Created using varying shades of black ink to make a photo realistic image on the skin. Common motifs include family member portraits, movie characters, portraits of your favorite animal and more!


Neo Traditional

Traditional tattoos modernized to include the bold outline with smaller line weights for details and a more varying color palette.


Fine Line

Blackwork or color, utilizing one of the smallest needle groupings to create the imagery desired. Fine line tattoos range from minimalistic tiny tattoos to intricately detailed large scale works.


Color Realism

Full color tattoos that make a photorealistic image on the skin.


Japanese Traditional

Called irezumi and traditionally applied using a needle attached to a bamboo stick handpoked into the skin called tebori. Imagery is full of symbolism and features bold lines, saturated color, and a limited color palette.

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